Miranda Kerr Stands Up For Peeping Banker

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Miranda Kerr Stands Up For Peeping Banker

Miranda Kerr is used to guys going a little gaga over her.

PHOTO: Miranda Kerr Bares All For GQ

The supermodel is sticking up for an Australian banker who was caught on live television looking at scantily-clad pictures of her at work- a gaffe that could get him fired. (Watch the video to see him caught in the act!)

“I am told there is a petition to save his job, and of course I would sign it,” the supermodel said.

Dave Kiely, a Macquarie Bank worker, opened an e-mail attachment of nearly nude photos of Kerr- some from her recent GQ photo shoot. Unfortunately, a colleague was being interviewed about interest rates and the camera caught Kiely’s browsing.

A London-based financial news web site called Here is the City set up an e-mail campaign to help the embarrassed banker keep his job.

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