Bentley Found 5 Blocks Away From Charlie Sheen's Car

Bentley Found 5 Blocks Away From Charlie Sheen's Car has learned that a second crashed vehicle was found near Charlie Sheen‘s stolen Mercedes-Benz.

“The late model Bentley was about five blocks away from the previous incident,” Los Angeles Fire Department PIO Cecco Seccilt said. “It was about 200 feet down from the road.”

Seccilt confirmed that “no one was found in the car or around the car” and that the LAPD will be investigating the matter.

LAPD Spokesperson Richard French said the Bentley came from an adjoining neighborhood to Sheen’s.

“Detectives aren’t sure if it was taken by the same thieves that took the Mercedes. We’re not able to confirm if the Bentley was taken by the same people or person.” They are currently tracking down the car’s owner.

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Sheen’s car had been found at the bottom of a 100-foot cliff. The actor learned of the incident when he was alerted by his auto security company that his car had been in an accident.