Patti Stanger: The Millionaire Matchmaker Is Back!

Jan. 19 2010, Published 6:42 a.m. ET

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Patti Stanger—the fearless love doctor on Bravo’s  Millionaire Matchmaker is back for a third season of the hit show  (Tuesday’s at 10pm ET). She’s blunt, she’s straightforward, she’s ruthless but  she always delivers results for the picky members of her now infamous  “Millionaire’s Club” that are looking for true love. We caught up with Patti  and she didn’t hold back with the scoop on the engagement ring she just  received from her long time love Andy Friedman, her thoughts on the broken  love lives of millionaires out there like Tiger Woods and what single  celebrities she’s dying to get into her club and fix up! Oh, and don’t  worry—she’s also got a thing or two to say about the dating antics of those  crazy kids in the Jersey Shore house too!

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RADARONLINE.COM:  There is so much to congratulate you on—a new season of your show, your  engagement and you were just on Oprah! We don’t know where to start.

PATTI  STANGER: I was so excited to meet Oprah. Nate Berkus is  actually a huge fan of mine and Oprah let him bring me on. We watched this  kind of high maintenance woman on a date from a van and critiqued her.   And then Oprah brought me on to ask questions and she’s tough! You have  to have your game on and I was like, ‘Please don’t hate me but this is my  philosophy!’

RADARONLINE.COM: So, the next thing we need to  know is all about how Andy Friedman, your boyfriend of six years, recently  popped the question!

PATTI STANGER: It was in  Hawaii on my birthday at the Westin in Kaanapali Beach which is our favorite  resort. They gave us a five course meal in a private location overlooking the  ocean. And he got on bended knee and they had private black swan named Raymond  as his little groomsman. He stayed the whole time at my table right next to me  and he was my bodyguard. And he’s huge. His mate died last year and he mated  for life so he was the love bird. It was cool but then I took a step back and  was like, ‘Whoa – we’re getting married!’

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RADARONLINE.COM:  You’re job is to help people—especially millionaires—find true love but you’re  really blunt with the advice you give your clients. Where did that trait come  from?

PATTI STANGER: I just have no  patience and I’m from New York. In New York you have to size people up, hold  your pocket book as you walk down the street so the pick pockets don’t come at  you, you don’t have time and there’s no sense of entitlement in New York. You  really have to have balls in order to get the job, keep the job and someone is  always behind you trying to upstage you. New Yorkers always tell the truth.  We’re not rude—we’re just direct. I moved to California and I hated all the BS  here. I was like what is this place? It’s beautiful and has great weather but  people are so disloyal and don’t tell you what they’re really thinking and I  got annoyed.

RADARONLINE.COM: What do you think about  millionaires like Tiger Woods that found love and just can’t hold onto  it?

PATTI STANGER: The reason  people like Tiger are like that is because they can. They have too much money,  too much notoriety and too much fame way too soon. I also think Tiger didn’t  marry the girl he wanted. Elin is the prototype of the perfect little princess  but she’s not the bad girl and he wants that. That tells me he likes nasty. He  likes strippers. He likes hookers. He likes that element of danger. He needs  rehab and thank God he went but I’m worried that he’s in rehab hitting on the  other sex addicts there. I think he needs rehab alone. I don’t think it’s a  good idea to send him to an all-inclusive rehab because I think he’s going to  end up shtuping the girls there. I think he needs to be isolated and then let  into the general population and see how he behaves. I think Elin’s going to  divorce him.

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RADARONLINE.COM: Can someone like Tiger ever  really be cured?

PATTI STANGER: There is some  sort of high, drug addiction that you get from conquering the female. So is  that the drug of choice for him? Is that like someone doing heroin? I don’t  know – that’s a Dr. Drew question. I’m not a doctor.

RADARONLINE.COM: Would you take someone with  Tiger’s history into the Millionaires Club?

PATTI STANGER:  It depends if I had a certified letter from a doctor.   I have to take them in some ways because I have to give them a chance  because everybody has a right to get well. But if he wasn’t a well known  celebrity, I would have to say to my clients, ‘Here’s the situation, how do  you feel about dating him?’ I’d disclose it and put it in their  contract.

RADARONLINE.COM: What kind of advice would you  give to stars like Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson that just can’t seem  to get it right since their divorces?

PATTI STANGER:  I would love to get them into singles boot camp. I’d  put them in a house and kick their ass. Jennifer Aniston had the hottest guy  in the universe and now there’s none left . . . where do you go from  there?  You have to reexamine your relationship with Brad. What was going  on in her relationship that he decided to look across the street? Because in  the beginning he was all over her, calling her all the time—George Clooney  even said it on the set of Oceans 11 because she was there. So what  went wrong? Let’s reexamine it. Do not blame anyone. There’s an expression in  the marriage document that says ‘Till death do us part’ but that’s not what  that means. That means ‘Till death do us part till there’s no growth of the  souls together.’ You could have grown apart. And are you bigger, better  dealing it for looks? For a hotter celebrity so you can go ‘ha’ or are you  doing it because you really want somebody like that which I doubt.  

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RADARONLINE: And what about Jessica?

PATTI  STANGER: Jessica made a mistake. I think she listened to her  father and I think she regrets the Nick Lachey incident. They met at such a  young age and he’s older than her. It wasn’t a good fit in that world. She’s  also a child too – my friends know her and she has clothes on the floor and  she’s the biggest slob you ever saw. That’s discipline from parents. Madonna  took Lourdes’ clothes and put them in a suitcase and threw them out the window  and said, ‘Until you learn responsibility, you will not get anything else and  you will not get this back.’ That’s discipline and being a parent and not  being a friend. That flows into your relationships because a guy’s not going  to be with a messy girl.

RADARONLINE: What  celebrities would you most like to set up?

PATTI STANGER:  I’d love to find the people that have the babies and  don’t have relationships like the Minnie Drivers and the Mary Louise Parkers.  They’re over 40 and those are my peeps and I’d like to find them great dads.  Look at Julianna Margulies—she found a great guy from New York, Jewish, a  lawyer—I’d like to find those kind of guys for those girls and tell them, ‘You  don’t have to do this alone and do this by yourself and keep adopting children  to fill the void.’ I also think people like Anne Hathaway that were so burned  and went straight across the street to like the PA from the set may not be a  good match for her in the long run . . . I think it’s good for the transition  to get the training wheels on but eventually she’s going to want  a  bigger, better deal because you had that. You had the money. You get a taste  of that and it’s a really hard thing to lose. You end up becoming Salma Hayek.  I would like to teach them to qualify and quantify and if someone doesn’t show  up right away—be the Renee Zellweger. Bradley Cooper showed up for her and by  the way—everybody wants him. She didn’t do much. You have to find your own  bliss and then he shows up. Then you’re not in heat. When you’re in  heat—that’s when you make the poor choices. And that’s when the real deal  shows up. That’s what happened to me when I was trying to build my  business.

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RADARONLINE: What millionaires featured on past  seasons do you still keep in touch with? How about Sex Toy Dave?

PATTI  STANGER: I was very upset that Sex Toy Dave went on Megan  Wants a Millionaire on VH1. I was upset because I felt that he was gay and  I felt that there was some sort of blatant homosexuality and I wasn’t trying  to be mean. I asked him if he was really straight because he was so  neurotically picky it was beyond Woody Allen. I kept thinking that this  doesn’t feel like a hunter man. I also keep in touch with Andrew all  the time and you’ll see him on the show because I help him get engaged. Bill  and Heidi broke up and they got back together. Zagros is still a commitment  phob. And Jimmy D went through the biggest transformation and you’ll see him  again this season. He’s not Jersey Shore  anymore.

RADARONLINE: Are you watching The  Jersey Shore?

PATTI STANGER: Are you kidding  me? That was my life. I grew up in Short Hills and I had a house in Diehl that  was next door to Asbury. But let’s call a spade a spade – none of those people  are from Jersey. Nobody talks like that. They’re Staten Island trash. And when  Snooki got punched in the face, I was like, ‘Is this real?’ I grew up in Short  Hills in Sopranos land—we didn’t beat people up. What guy hits a girl?  My father would have had him arrested and strung up by his  toenails.

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RADARONLINE.COM: What do you think about the  way the Jersey Shore guys go after so many women at once?

PATTI  STANGER: They’re on a TV show so let’s call a spade a spade but  in the real world in these share houses, do you think everybody hooks up with  The Situation? No. He’s going to be blacklisted and he’s going to have to  move houses because he’s lost his posse. But it’s a TV show and they need  drama—it’s the real world on steroids.

RADARONLINE: Is  there anything about your upcoming wedding that you can tell us?

PATTI  STANGER:  It’ll be on the west coast. I loved Alyssa  Milano’s wedding because she did the family style food and I loved Cindy  Crawford’s because it was on the beach so I’m trying to merge the two  together.

RADARONLINE: Will you wedding be on  Bravo?

PATTI STANGER: Bravo wants me  to air the wedding. I’m okay doing it but my fiancé is not. He’s private.   I keep trying to convince him that it’ll be fun because they’ll get  sponsors and we can do it right. I’m dying for Rachel Zoe to style me. She  went to high school where I did but she’s ten years younger and my mother  knows her mother so I’m dying . . . and I’ll tell you what’s really funny is  I’m doing The Wendy Williams Show next week. Our mothers are best  friends—they live in Florida—but Wendy and I have never met. So next week our  mothers are Skyping in together when I’m on the show. I’m so excited to meet  Wendy!



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