EXCLUSIVE: Lawyer Demands Jon Cryer Clear Ex's Name In Hitman Plot

EXCLUSIVE: Lawyer Demands Jon Cryer Clear Ex's Name In Hitman Plot

Two and a Half Men‘s Jon Cryer told authorities that he suspected his ex-wife hired a hit man to kill him and the FBI went to her house Thursday to interview her. But RadarOnline.com spoke to Sarah Trigger‘s attorney Vicki Greene who maintains Trigger’s innocence and even demanded that Cryer publicly clear his ex’s name.

“I think Jon should be ashamed of himself and he should make a public statement clearing Sarah’s name because this is ridiculous,” Greene told RadarOnline.com exclusively.

“Jon could say he knows darn well that there is nothing to this. That Sarah didn’t do this.”

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Greene says that the FBI did not contact her but confirmed that they did interview Trigger. She warned people not to add undue meaning to the visit.

“An interview doesn’t make her out to be anything other than the fact that she was interviewed,” Green emphasized. “Obviously I can’t talk about anything the FBI did… she didn’t do anything wrong let’s put it that way.”

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Greene has one theory about why Cryer has yet to clear Trigger’s name.

“He enjoys the publicity,” Greene alleged. “Jon is claiming to whomever he is claiming it to. They are publicity-wise milking this for everything they can.

“What can I tell you, this is Hollywood. Jon’s a big celebrity and he should be making a statement saying that he knows the mother of his child did not do what the news is reporting.”

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Greene thinks Cryer should think about how this will affect his and Trigger’s child.

“I don’t think this is nice what Jon’s putting her through. He should [be clearing Trigger’s name] for his child.”