VIDEO: Craig Ferguson’s Addresses “Boss” Letterman’s Sex Scandal

VIDEO: Craig Ferguson’s Addresses “Boss” Letterman’s Sex Scandal

Funnyman Craig Ferguson found himself in a sticky situation on his talk show Monday night. His job is to poke fun of people in the news – like David Letterman for his sex scandal.

The Problem? Letterman’s production company, Worldwide Pants, produces Ferguson’s show – yep, Dave’s his boss.

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Ferguson used his opening monologue on Late Late Night With Craig Ferguson to address his predicament.

“By now you know all about the situation with my boss Dave Letterman,” he said. ” So now you know how I got my job.” Ferguson quipped.

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“So, imagine my situation, I’ll try to be funny while trying to keep my own job. So, this is my last show.”

Ferguson added  that “if we held late night talk shows to the same moral standards of clergymen and politicians, then I’m out.”  But seriously, he joked, “I’ve enjoyed my time here. If I inadvertently say something that gets me fired, well, at least I hope it’s funny.”

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