John Travolta’s Attorney Accused Of Hatching Extortion Plot

John Travolta’s Attorney Accused Of Hatching Extortion Plot

The temperature was hot and tempers were frayed Tuesday in the John Travolta Extortion Trial in the Bahamas.

Travolta Testifies About Son’s Death, Says Jett Was Autistic

Two defendants, Pleasant Bridgewater and Tarino Lightbourne, stand accused of trying to extort $25million from John Travolta following his son Jett’s death on the Island back in January.

Alleged Travolta Extortionists Plead Not Guilty

During cross examination Bridgewater’s attorney Murrio Ducille accused Travolta’s attorney and close friend, Michael McDermott, of being the person that actually hatched the extortion plot. McDermott hotly denied the accusation.

Things got so heated at one point that the judge had to step in and warn both men several times about making comments.

In true Hollywood style, when accused of the being the person that gave birth to the extortion plot, McDermott burst out with the line, “You can’t handle the truth! You can’t handle the truth!” Prompting Ducille to retort, “You’ve watched A Few Good Men, eh?”