America's Next Top Model: Jon Gosselin?

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America's Next Top Model: Jon Gosselin?

Despite his ongoing troubles with wife Kate, Jon Gosselin was all smiles Monday as he posed for a set of shots by a poolside in Los Angeles, California.

The 32-year-old reality TV dad, clad in a white button-up shirt, black slacks and sunglasses looked more like a teenaged boy preening for Facebook pics than a father-of-eight.

VIDEO: Jon Gosselin Claims “I’m Not The Bad Guy Here, I’m The One Trying To Protect My Children”

Later in the night, Gosselin went on ET to retort to Monday’s report he had emptied his families’ bank account, and was fixing to halt production of his hit TLC show, Jon & Kate Plus 8.

Jon Gosselin Says Kate Is Lying About The Money

“I’m not the bad guy here,” he said. “I’m the one trying to protect my children, that’s called being a parent, protecting my children. I need to pull them off the television so we can work this out.”

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Jon & Kate Plus 8 airs Mondays at 9/8c on TLC.