Lindsay & Sam: Star Crossed Lovers?

Lindsay & Sam: Star Crossed Lovers?

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson’s dating drama is enough to make anyone want to stay single.

But while their on-again, off-again relationship isn’t exactly Shakespearean, Lohan and Ronson’s love can seem star-crossed, even in the best of times! 

Samantha took to her Twitter page today to express some post-independence day words of wisdom—which Lindsay then turned into a deep thought about their relationship.

Ronson tweeted, “Sometimes when I watch old movies I think it would nice to live in another era-then I remember I’m Jewish, it  probably would have sucked.”

Lindsay’s response?  “I know…and me being Irish I don’t think we could have worked out.. :)”

Yeah, because with these two, religion is the one thing getting in the way of a stable relationship.