To The Rescue: Fekkai Marine Summer Hair

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To The Rescue: Fekkai Marine Summer Hair

Ah, summer! Hot sun, swimming in the ocean and the pool, cocktails with umbrellas in it — these are just a few of my favorite things. But one thing we’re not fond of is the way it leaves our hair — frazzled and green–tinged. This summer we’re using the new Fekkai Marine Summer Hair Shampoo which features UV protection and “AquaNutrients”, a blend of Marine extracts with “deep hydrating benefits.”

Ironically, it contains some of the elements you’re swimming in — sea algae (Red, Blue and Green micro algae) which protect against the elements; Sea kelp extract, which replenishes and revitalizes dry hair; sea water sustains long-term moisturization; and marine peptides which repair damaged hair.

More importantly, we gave it the “Palm Springs” test of three days in the desert. That involves being in a pool for days on end (and plenty of cocktails but not sure if that impacts our blonde locks?) At the end of the mini-vacation, our hair was still blonde, lustrous, and silky. It’s going in our beach bag, along with the Beachcomber Leave-in Conditioner.

Sadly, it’s a limited edition by which we take it to mean we can’t buy it in the fall, which is a shame for those of us who eke every minute out of the summer, long into September. Store up! $23 wherever fine hair products are sold.