Rep: Debbie Rowe Unsuccessful In Reaching Jackson Family

Rep: Debbie Rowe Unsuccessful In Reaching Jackson Family

Debbie Rowe has tried in vain to contact the family of her late husband, and father to her children, Michael Jackson.

“We’ve been trying to reach them at different numbers,” Marc Schaffel, an ex-Jackson confidante speaking on behalf of Rowe, told People.

“But we don’t know if who we’ve been leaving messages with have gotten the messages. In all fairness, I wouldn’t say they are avoiding her — our understanding, though, is that the Jackson family does want to have contact with Debbie.”

Click here for photos of the scene at Rowe’s Southern California home after the shock of Jackson’s death.

In court papers filed Monday, the late singer’s mother Katherine said the kids “have no relationship with their biological mother.”

Rowe is the legal parent of the late singer’s eldest children, Prince Michael, 12, and Paris, 11; she has the right to retain custody of the children if she chooses, according to reports.

“Debbie was absolutely devastated by Michael’s death,” Schaffel said.

“They had an incredible bond and friendship even prior to the marriage — Debbie was a very good friend to Michael during all those years.”