The Real Story Behind Anna Kournikova’s Vegas Scuffle

The Real Story Behind Anna Kournikova’s Vegas Scuffle

Though various internet reports claim tennis star Anna Kournikova was injured and shaken after a scuffle in a Las Vegas night club over the weekend, an onlooker gives the full details of what happened.

“It was about 2:45 am and this woman bumped into Anna’s assistant,” the onlooker said about the heated night at LAVO in The Palazzo Las Vegas. “The assistant was trying to be nice but the woman kept making a big deal about it. I don’t think she was even aware about Anna at that point.”

“Anna wasn’t shaken up, she was livid.”

Shortly after the altercation, stories ran rampant about Kournikova physically fighting with the woman and how the Russian bombshell walked away with scratches. There was also a rumor she was asked to leave.

“Anna was never asked to leave and there were no blows. It was more of a screaming match.”

Based on what we’ve seen on the tennis court, we’d want the fiery blonde on our side too!