Heath Ledger Director Slams Michelle Williams

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Heath Ledger Director Slams Michelle Williams

In a revealing interview with Vanity Fair, final collaborators of Heath Ledger have slammed the mother of the late actor’s child, Michelle Williams.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus director Terry Gilliam and cinematographer Nicola Pecorini say the Dawson’s Creek actress and Ledger had nothing in common — that Ledger was a true artist and Williams cared more about a commercial career.

“The whole machinery started growing up around them,” Gilliam told the magazine, “that was the moment when it changed, when he realized, ‘Uh oh. We perceive the world differently.'”

Gilliam suggests Williams was consumed by things like award shows, while Ledger blamed himself for their alleged disconnect.

“He was trying to be decent and graceful, give her whatever she wanted — the house, every f***ing thing. But once it started going south, it went very quickly. He was overwhelmed by lawyers… The stakes kept going up. He wouldn’t listen to any of us,” Percorini said.

Emotions ran high, according to the men, over custody arrangements for 3-year-old Matilda.

The forthcoming issue will offer more insight into Ledger’s final days, including his haunting Dark Knight performance, battles with insomnia and sobriety. It hits newsstands July 7.