EXCLUSIVE: Jeffrey Epstein To Be Released From Prison Early

EXCLUSIVE: Jeffrey Epstein To Be Released From Prison Early

Jeffrey Epstein, the Florida money manager who once roamed in the same social circle as Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew and other high profile figures, is going to be released from prison early, a source tells RadarOnline.com.

Epstein pleaded guilty last year to procuring teen girls for prostitution, ending his lifestyle with the rich and famous in a Palm Beach, Florida scandal that reverberated through high-profile society. He received an 18-month sentence and was slated to be incarcerated until the end of this year.

But now, says the source, the jail door is about to swing open because Epstein has been secretly helping the feds unravel a suspected Ponzi scheme. He had inside knowledge of the scheme because he was one of its victims, losing $67 million.

The source says it’s all tied to the indictment of former managers of Bear Stearns Mortgage Investment Fund, and in that case Epstein is the person who is identified only as Victim # 1.

Meanwhile, Epstein’s life behind bars hasn’t been too rough – in fact he’s allowed to spend most days at his attorney’s office. He was supposedly working on a charity venture but the source says he was actually busy helping the feds with the Ponzi scheme. One source says that he’s been guarded by men in suits with earphones.

(Photo:Patrick McMullan)