Tori Amos Avrils Out In London

Tori Amos Avrils Out In London

Tori Amos performed at the Savoy Theatre in London Monday trying to revive her on-stage persona in an Avril Lavigne-like star print jersey maxi dress.

In fact, so Avril-esque that it bears a striking resemblance to Lavigne‘s line for discount retailer Kohl’s.

Amos, a 45 year-old singer, attempting to channel a punk rocker nearly half her age screams midlife fashion crisis!

One thing is for sure, both red headed gals are known for emotionally intense songs and diminishing radio air play.  We do, though, like the star print for teens and twenty-somethings!

Sorry Tori, this time you are so not anything but ordinary!

(Photos: WENN)