EXCLUSIVE: Q&A With Twilight's Jackson Rathbone

EXCLUSIVE: Q&A With Twilight's Jackson Rathbone

In an exclusive interview with RadarOnline.com, Twilight cutie Jackson Rathbone opened up on everything from his love of Vanilla Ice to which of his co-stars can bench-press the most weight. And he also shared a super-cute family photo, taken when he was just a tot!


RadarOnline: Your character in Twilight, Jasper, is so withdrawn and cold. Do you think fans are a little hesitant to approach you in public? Especially compared with some of your castmates?

Jackson Rathbone: People rarely recognize me, which is actually pretty sweet. I try to change my look in every role I take on: clothing, hairstyle, walk, facial expression, and the way I speak. Sometimes it’s subtle and sometimes it’s not, but as I am not a blonde in real life, people often do the double look before approaching me.

RO: You said in a recent interview that all the Cullen guys worked out together in the hotel gym during filming. So tell us: who can bench press the most?

JR: That would be Kellan [Lutz]. He truly is Emmett.

RO: You live in a house with other members of your band, 100 Monkeys, in Hollywood. What’s the hardest part about being roomies with two other guys?

JR: The smell.

RO: When can fans expect 100 Monkeys’ new album to drop, and how would you describe the band’s sound in one word?

JR: Our EP should be coming out in two or three weeks on iTunes, with three singles from our full length album, and a special surprise if you order the CD directly from us! Our full length album is set for release in the fall of this year. 100 Monkeys sound is “onomatopoetic.”

RO: What’s the most embarrassing song on your iPod?

JR: There’s nothing embarrassing about “Ice, Ice Baby”. It’s just a great song.

RO: Your next movie is The Last Airbender, which is based on a Japanese animated series. Have you done any cool stunts for the film?

JR: I’ve been doing a lot of Kung Fu training and I’ve had to do a good deal of fighting in the last few weeks. It’s a lot of fun, but my band mates are tired of me trying to Kung Fu them before and after shows.

RO: You have a tattoo that reads “I’m Lost…” Is there a story behind it?

JR: Yes. Check out http://www.spencerbellmemorial.com and you’ll get a good glimpse.

RO: You’re the only boy among four siblings. Did any particular feminine traits or habits rub off on you after growing up in a houseful of sisters?

JR: No. I got stuck with all the masculinity. I taught my sisters how to fight.

RO: You’ve said the cast members of Twilight and New Moon are really close, so what’s one thing about each of your co-stars you think might surprise  people?

JR: None of them are vampires in real life! Gasp!

RO: When the cameras aren’t rolling, how do you and the rest of the Twilight crew blow off steam?

JR: I believe there are usually two or three guitars on set at all times. We all get down with a little music, though some of our styles and tastes are a bit different. I’ve been digging on Spencer Bell’s solo album, Feudal, Brutal, and the American Dream, (available on iTunes), number 13 is my favorite song. (Photo: Jackson Rathbone / WENN)