Beyonce's Old Apartment Becomes New Closet

Beyonce's Old Apartment Becomes New Closet

Beyonce is so stacked with free designer goods, she’s turned one of her old apartments into a closet. How fab!

The 27-year-old pop songstress and wife of music mogul Jay-Z admits to frequently receiving expensive gifts from designers (like the odd Armani croc bag) that she wouldn’t otherwise buy herself.

She tells Britain’s Glamour Magazine: “I probably get about 15 bags sent to me a month!” 

The ‘Crazy in Love’ singer is still cautious when it comes to her own spending.

“There are some bags that are pretty hot. But then I haven’t bought myself an Hermes Birkin bag because I think they are just too expensive.”

We somehow suspect she makes do with her current month supply–a baker’s dozen and then some!

(Photo: WENN)