EXCLUSIVE: Robert Pattinson Helps Launch Unknown's Music Career

EXCLUSIVE: Robert Pattinson Helps Launch Unknown's Music Career

A struggling musician recently got to do what millions of women can only dream about (getting “close and personal” with Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson) and as a result of their impromptu meeting over 38,000 people have been turned on to her music via her MySpace page. Canadian musician Adaline talks to RadarOnline.com exclusively about her run-in with the actor and how it’s changing her life.

“I’ve felt the power of the Twilight Phenomenon,” she tells RadarOnline. “After I blogged about meeting Robert at the club Richards on Richards in Vancouver the response from people has been amazing.”

“When I saw him at the club he was wearing dark jeans, a hooded top and had those famous locks covered with a beanie hat. He was just enjoying the music with some friends while all these girls kept approaching him asking for photographs,” she recalls. “I noticed that he politely kept saying ‘no’ and when they all had left I just went over and started chatting. I told him that I didn’t need a picture and that I knew he’s just a normal guy trying to have a good time.”

Little did she know, that small gesture of self-control would catch the cute Brit’s attention:

“With that he looked at me with those gorgeous eyes and I’ll admit that my heart did skip a beat. At that point he pulled me closer and whispered: ‘You are the first person to say that to me all day thank you.'”

“We didn’t exchange numbers or anything but I’m hoping that one day he will come to one of my shows because he’s a really sweet guy and is a musician too.”

Since the encounter, Adaline has “received hundreds of e-mails from countries like Brazil, Australia and Sweden from Twilight fans commenting on my rendezvous with Robert. I’m hoping with all this interest in my music I can book some more gigs in the US and get new representation.” (Photo: WENN)

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