VIDEO: Meet MTV's Newest Star, Bully Beat Down's Jason "Mayhem" Miller

VIDEO: Meet MTV's Newest Star, Bully Beat Down's Jason "Mayhem" Miller

MTV’s new reality show Bully Beat Down smashed the competition in its first airing this past Sunday, in part thanks to its host- Mixed Martial Arts fighter Jason “Mayhem” Miller. caught up with “Mayhem” at Fortune Gym in Los Angeles about being at the top of his game and fighting the fight for the little guy.

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“I’m pumped! Number 1 baby. MTV is coming back. I tell you Bully Beat Down is the best show on TV,” he said. “[The show] has just the right touch of comedy, drama and violence.”

The show’s premise has Miller visiting certain “bullies” and challenging them to an in-the-ring fight with an ultimate fighter for $10,000 (though every time the bully surrenders, $2,000 is taken from the $10,000 pot and given to the bully’s “victim”).

“A lot of them are socially awkward,” Miller explains about the “victims” who enlist his services. “They don’t know how to stand up for themselves – not like me! You feel for these guys.”

“The pay off for the victims of these bullies is one, watching these bullies get beat up. If that’s not payment enough, every dollar the bully loses goes right over to the victim. So the victim, on top of watching the guy get his butt kicked, collects a nice check at the end of the day. Actually I pay cash!”