Prince Harry Makes Sneaky Reunion with Ex

Prince Harry Makes Sneaky Reunion with Ex

Following in the footsteps of his older brother, Prince Harry has reunited with his long-time girlfriend Chelsea Davy after a short separation.

On Friday night, the red-headed prince donned a long, black wig to slip past suspicious eyes.  He spent the night cozying up to Davy at Gouranga (a ‘rave for posh people”) in seedy South London neighborhood Vauxhall.  Flanked by two Scotland Yard bodyguards, the prince met up with Davy and her friend Olivia “Bubble” Perry.  On seeing her love’s costume, Davy burst into laughter before happily getting “holed up in a corner” with him.

“They were talking very intently until at least 2 am,” a source tells the UK’s Daily Mail “Nothing else happened between them [but] there was some definite chemistry.”

Adds a friend: “they just can’t seem to keep away from each other.”   (Photo: WENN)