INTERVIEW: Vanilla Ice Chills Out

INTERVIEW: Vanilla Ice Chills Out

In an exclusive interview with, Vanilla Ice, on the brink of a major tour with MC Hammer and hopefully a career comeback, says he’s chilled out over the years.

“I got two kids, I have a wife, I’ve been married for 14 years,” the Ice Ice Baby rapper said. And if there’s a problem? Yo, he’ll solve it…with therapy. Ice, also known as Robert Van Winkle, has become a believer in psychoanalysis and has even been following a vegetarian diet for the past year.

The former eyebrow-shaving, baggy-pants-wearing breakd ancer also cleared up rumors about his storied confrontation with the infamous record producer Suge Knight years ago at a Los Angeles hotel (“he never hung me over a balcony”).

Click here to watch the video as he takes a trip down memory lane and brings his fans up to speed.