Britney's Mexican Treat: Minus the Booze!

Britney's Mexican Treat: Minus the Booze!

Taking a break on a recent Circus stop, Britney Spears and a group of twenty went to Mad Mex restaurant in the Pittsburgh suburb of North Hills on Thursday armed with some interesting rules: her team ordered for no Red Bull and no alcohol to be offered to the table and no flash photography!

Still, the group managed to have a good time despite the restrictions. “The meal was a really low-key encounter,” manager Matthew Salopek told Celebuzz. While Spears stuck with a nachos grande plate, she also helped her crew dig into the star feature of the night: the guacamole. “We brought tons. They kept commenting that it was a lot like West Coast guac and asking for more.” On tap? Soda and water.

“She was in a good mood- smiling and talking,” Salopek said. Though locals began filing in after hearing Spears was there, “no one went up to them…they were an unassuming presence.”

Still keeping on the straight and narrow, Spears ended the night uneventfully. Salopek adds: “They were really low-key and it was nice to have them. It was a really run-of-the-mill evening.”




photo courtesy of Wenn