Britney Returns to the Stage, Fans Rave Over Circus Act

Britney Returns to the Stage, Fans Rave Over Circus Act
(Photo: Splash Photo Agency)

It’s official: Britney Spears is back in the zone.

Returning to her roots (or as close as she could get to her hometown of Kentwood), Spears kicked off her Circus tour in New Orleans on Tuesday night in front of a packed crowd that just couldn’t get enough of the pop princess.

The show delivered one glitzy punch after another. During Circus, Spears dangled from the ceiling, singing as she sat perched on a circular ring. During another song, she is cut in half in a faux magician’s act. In yet another, she sits atop a giant umbrella.

The fantasy doesn’t stop there. The show also included military men in pink underwear, oversize cages, and birds.

Fans at the concert could barely contain their enthusiasm and took to the web from the concert, blasting out Twitter posts heralding Spears’ return.

“7:28pm: To all the critics she looks amazing and is very much singing live!” Julie M gushed. “She sounds amazing!!”

“7:52pm: Her faces LOL!!!! CRAZY faces…” Britneylive posted. “She’s really into it!!!”

As reported exclusively earlier today, the entire Spears brood- and her ex husband Kevin Federline– were all on hand to watch Spears really put her comeback into overdrive.

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