Meet the New Super-Intern, Tess Brokaw

Meet the New Super-Intern, Tess Brokaw

This winter, we uncovered in Teen Vogue‘s Emily Weiss a new species we’ve since dubbed “super-intern.” But it seems Weiss’s knowledge of rare florals and obscure couturiers is already old news—here in New York, there is always someone younger, prettier, and more willing to start a blog than you are. In this case, that person is super-Super-intern Tess Brokaw (she says she’s a distant cousin to Tom Brokaw).

Brokaw has Weiss beat in terms of age (she is 18 and taking a “senior spring” from prep school Brearley) and Internet presence (her gossip-laden blog, Hear Everything, Say Nothing, has become a cult hit among the fashion elite in two short months). She’s hit up almost every major fashion event this spring, including the Kate Moss Top Shop launch and the CFDA Gala at the Met—in a dress borrowed from Teen Vogue, natch. She is on a first name basis with top models, already thinks the exclusive Manhattan party lounge The Box “is overrated,” and has been known to spend the stray evening “relaxing/drinking/hanging out” in Kate Bosworth‘s hotel room and later blogging about it without reservation—all while living with her parents and flashing a fake ID when the situation demands it (remember, we said she’s 18). After the jump, a short portrait of the socialite as a young girl, in her own words.