Sex Offender Jeffrey Epstein Sentenced to 18 Months

Sex Offender Jeffrey Epstein Sentenced to 18 Months

Billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein pleaded guilty to, among other things, procuring underage prostitutes and then tickling them with brightly colored dildos—for which he received an 18-month prison sentence. “[A] towel-clad Epstein fondled young girls (sometimes with sex toys) while reclining on a massage table in his Florida mansion. The underage masseuses were recruited by a young female aide who paid them about $200 a session, according to investigators.” That’s doesn’t seem like very much money for that sort of thing, but then I’ve never been to Florida. I hear it’s pretty weird. In any event, upon completion of his sentence, Epstein must register as a sex offender, which will likely send that $200 masseuse-hooker rate through the roof. Way to go, ladies! [TSG]

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