Paris Hilton Won't Forgive Lindsay Lohan For Role In Her Brother's Beating, Says 'Duck Dynasty' Star 'Shouldn't Be Talking Like That'

Paris Hilton has crossed Lindsay Lohan off her Christmas list, for 2013 and beyond.

As she touched down at LAX after a trip to Russia, the socialite was peppered with questions from paparazzi, and requests from fans to pose for pictures with her — and she obliged both as best she could.

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Asked about her brouhaha with Lohan — who she vowed vengeance against, after the Mean Girls star purportedly set her brother Barron up for a beating earlier this month at an Art Basel party — Paris said, “It’s pretty disgusting,” noting her brother had never been involved in a fight before.

She nodded her head sideways when asked if she could forgive her one-time running mate Lohan for her alleged role in the fiasco.

Also of note, the “Stars Are Blind” singer — who was involved in her own anti-gay scandal last year, after recordings surfaced of her claiming users of an app designed for gay men “probably have AIDS” — spoke disparagingly of Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson following the reality star’s inflammatory comments about gay people to GQ last week.

Hilton — who “never even heard of the show before” — said Robertson “shouldn’t be talking like that.”

“I just think that people should be sensitive to others — it’s not nice.”

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