‘The Little Couple’ Sneak Peek: Jen Heads Back To Work And Bill Plays Mr. Mom

The Little Couple stars Jen and Bill Klein adopted their son Will who has Dwarfism earlier this year and now that things have settled Jen is heading back to work and Bill will play the role or Mr. Mom — and RadarOnline.com has an exclusive sneak peek.

“This is my first day going back to work and being away from Will,” Jen says.

“I’m a little nervous about leaving Will. Not nervous that he won’t be okay, but nervous that I won’t be okay!”

And Bill is equally as nervous because he’s going to be the stay-at-home-father.

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“It’s also the first day that I’ll be left completely to my own devices with Will,” Bill says.

“When Bill and I first came back with Will from China our goal was to essentially lay low. Having the last four weeks at home has been priceless because I don’t think we’d be as close to each other and as bonded as we are if it wasn’t for having that time,” Jen explains.

“I don’t really want to go back yet. I don’t really want to leave him. It worries me that he won’t feel that he is a priority for me because I’m going back to work and he’s never been in a situation where he’s had dedicated parents.”

How do you think Jen and Bill will cope with their new roles? To find out, tune in to The Little Couple Tuesday night on TLC.

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