Keeping Up With The Komics: AGT’s Angela Hoover Kills With Kourtney Kardashian Imitation

Meet Angela Hoover.

The comedienne took the stage on Tuesday’s edition of America’s Got Talent, rocking the house with some of the best celebrity impressions we’ve since since Rich Little‘s prime.

Among those parodies: Ariana Huffington, Sharon Osbourne, Sofia Vergara, and a dead-on Kourtney Kardashian.

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The judges lauded the funny lady for her impeccable impersonations.

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“You are probably…the best impressionist working today,” Howie Mandel told her. “I don’t think anybody is as on as you are with the voices and the characters.”

Howard Stern told her, “You have a lot of charisma … you stepped up tonight,” while Mel B. said she “found the material funny.”

Angela Hoover, 1st Semi-Final performs ~ AGT… by HumanSlinky

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