Giuliana Rancic Puts Baby Duke Before Work

She may be the host of E! News, be on every major red carpet, and along with her husband, Bill Rancic, star in her own reality show, but Giuliana Rancic still puts her son, Duke, before work.

In the next episode of Giuliana & Bill, Rancic is trying to have some quality time with Duke in their L.A. home.  The adorable tyke is having a blast with his toys but Mom’s smartphone never stops ringing and buzzing.

One message is about a meeting that very morning.  “I wasn’t given any notice and I’m home with the baby today,” the reality mama politely but firmly responds, letting the caller know she won’t be there.

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Rancic doesn’t always keep all the balls in the air with her work and family juggling act but she’s trying!

Giuliana & Bill airs on E! Tuesday, 10/9c.

PHOTOS: Giuliana Rancic and Baby Duke In NYC

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