New Moon’s Hot New Cast Members

Twilight fans are already scrambling to study up on the five Native American actors who just signed on for New Moon, the next flick in the vampiric series. And the up-and-comers–Chaske Spencer, Alex Meraz, Bronson Pelletier, Kiowa Gordon and Tyson Houseman–better get used to the attention.

“These kids are kids whose life is going to change,” casting director Rene Haynes, who handpicked the new additions, told Celebuzz. “They are now stars.” She also has some advice for the soon-to-be teen idols: “I’ve told them, make wise choices from here on out. This is what you’ve been working for. Don’t mess it up.”

While Haynes is keeping mum on which actor is set for which role, the internet is abuzz with reports that Chaske Spencer will play Sam, a werewolf leader who becomes even more important later on in the series. And—judging by his sexy shirtless pick—Alex Meraz is poised to give Robert Pattinson some competition for sexiest Twilight star, no matter which character he takes on.

Check out pics of the other new cast members here!

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