John Parties Without Jen

John Mayer has apparently moved on since his break-up with former gal pal Jennifer Aniston.

Mayer just returned from a four-day, fun-filled boat trip with his fans.  And John, ever the good host, really got down and partied with them, as you can see in our exclusive photographs.

Click here to see more photos of John’s crazy boat party with his fans

The boat, which John humbly calls the “Mayercraft Carrier”, departed last Friday out of Los Angeles destined for sun-kissed Cabo. John surprised his fans aboard the boat with a DJ set, and he even partied with them until 5am Tuesday.

The singer was drinking and dancing with girls and at one point, even had a crewmember on his shoulders.

Mayer did a similiar boat trip with his fans last year and called this year’s event the “Mayercraft Carrier 2: Even Craftier.”

Jen who?

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