He’s Consciously Re-Coupling – With Meat! Chris Martin Returns To A Carnivorous Diet After Splitting With Strict-Eater Gwyneth Paltrow

Chris Martin has made a big decision – he’s consciously re-coupling with meat!

After years of being a vegetarian with his wife, Gwyneth Paltrow, the rocker has decided to eat meat again. Martin told BBC Radio 2 that he changed his diet for “various reasons.”

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“I felt like you should only eat something that you would be able to kill,” the Coldplay singer explained to BBC Radio 2. “I don’t know why on earth we’re talking about this. I have got to stop talking or there’ll be some sort of headline. Could you kill a fish? I wouldn’t like it but I probably could, so I’ll eat a fish . . . or a giraffe.”

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Despite enjoying the occasional burger every now and then, Martin admits that he’s tempted to go back to his vegetarian ways because of his daughter, Apple.

“My daughter has been a vegetarian since she was born,” he revealed. “So, I keep getting tempted to go back, but I don’t eat very much meat.”

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Martin not only changed his diet as of late, but he’s also changed his physique! The Coldplay frontman was spotted earlier this summer looking more muscular than his usual lanky self.

Maybe the split is doing him some good!

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