Real Life Peter Parker? Emma Stone Is Desperate To Break Spider-Man Boyfriend Andrew Garfield Out Of His 'Socially Awkward' Web

The Amazing Spider-Man 2‘s Emma Stone is still head over heels with her co-star Andrew Garfield but his “social awkwardness” is bugging the movie beauty, has learned.

“Emma and Andrew are a serious couple, now deep into a three year romance and even talking about having a family together,” a source confided.

“But Andrew’s increasing social awkwardness is a big issue for Emma. It’s like life imitating art with Andrew as the nerdy Peter Parker type for real!”

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According to the insider, British-born Garfield, 30, has failed to click with the Los Angeles friends of glamorous 25-year-old Stone, who always wows on the red carpet.

“Because Andrew doesn’t connect with Emma’s pals, they spend a lot of time in New York City with just each other and the occasional visitor from Andrew’s school days,” the source revealed. “Emma is shocked that Andrew doesn’t have a single close friend who is an actor or filmmaker.”

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Now Stone, who has been dating Garfield since 2011, wants him to change!

“Andrew is very focused on keeping Emma happy but for this to become a marriage and a family, she needs him to branch out and come out of his shell a bit.

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“Emma loves him but he’s painfully shy and she wants him to open up.”

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