Busted? Is Casper Smart Cheating On Jennifer Lopez With A Transsexual Model… Outrageous Claims On Website Stir Up Shocking Rumors

Is Jennifer Lopez’s relationship with Casper Smart in trouble? A shocking new post on TheDirty.com claims that the American Idol host’s much younger boy toy has been cheating on her with a transsexual woman.

Smart, 27, is dating the 44-year-old “Jenny from the Block” singer, but Nik Richie’s website shocked readers with several claims that Smart has been having sex with a transsexual model named Sofia Vissa.

Richie posted on The Dirty that a tipster sent him the following claims, along with screen grabs of their alleged messages: “Nik, sooo my homegirl has been talking and linking up with Casper Smart for a week now… they met online and I guess they Both follow each other…. she texted me saying they exchanged pictures XXX’s… and what not… I’m liked shocked… didn’t know he was down for Us beautiful Transexual WOMEN.”

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A description of the shocking claim continued: “I myself didn’t believe it…. I’m like Casper Smart? JLo’s MAN!!!!!!!  Guess he likes beautiful women and the best of both worlds… crazy what a simple hello and simple talking and flirting can end up to…. My girl said she seen him a few times and he picked her up in his big truck…. I didn’t believe it so I asked for screen-shot and here they are. I guess my friend Sofie is f*cking Casper Smart.. I’m asking for more screenshots she has them ALL.”

The messages on TheDirty.com are an alleged conversation between Smart and Vissa where he allegedly writes to her “I wanna see more what else ya got.”

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Richie also claims that Vissa has naked images of Smart that she allegedly took on May 19, and that she is shopping them to the highest bidder.

Smart allegedly responded to Richie on Tuesday via Instagram messages, which Richie posted on TheDirty.com, offering an apparent denial of the situation.

“Negativity,” was his first message, followed with “lucky you didn’t waste your money. There are none. I just did a huge charity event yesterday and have to come home to this bs…sad what the media does to people.”

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Smart’s next note read, “along with this nasty story.  Thanks. Could you imagine it people came at you your wife your kids daily?”

Richie responded, writing, “Trust me I get it. People bash me 24-7. I just want to make sure you are being honest with me bro. That’s all. The transgender has solid evidence saying otherwise. Like really solid.”

And Smart responded, “Got it.”

As Radar reported, one of Smart’s fellow dancers previously said Smart is actually gay and is just using Lopez for her fame and fortune.

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“Casper is not gay. These comments are born from envy and jealousy,” the couple’s previous rep, Mark Young, told Radar at the time.

“It must be a slow news day.”

In regards to these new claims, Smart’s rep told Radar “no comment.” A comment request to Lopez was not immediately returned.

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