Breaking Free From The Duggars! Michelle & Jim Bob’s ‘Wild Card’ Niece Moves Away From Conservative Family

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have told that they expect their children to stay close to home, but the same rules do not apply to their wild niece Amy Duggar who is fleeing the coop and heading to the big city.

Amy, known as the “fun-loving cousin,” who wears designer clothes and isn’t following in the conservative footsteps of her cousins has decided that she wants to pursue her dreams of becoming a country music star in Nashville and Radar has a sneak peek of the one-hour 19 Kids and Counting special that shows of journey away from the home.

“I love them so much and respect them more than words but I am a bit of a wild card,” Amy says about her supersized family.

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She’s realistic but hopeful about her chances of succeeding with a million other talented people.

“Just because my last name is Duggar doesn’t mean a thing.  I’m just a regular girl, I’m going to try my hardest.  There’s no guarantees. But come on someone’s got to make it!”

Check out the special 19 Kids & Counting episode at 8 pm on TLC followed by the all new special A Duggar Leaves Home at 9pm.

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