Up To Her Old Tricks! Teresa Giudice Fakes Her ‘Drama Free’ Image But Is Scheming Behind The ‘RHONJ’ Scenes

Teresa Giuidce deserves an Oscar for the acting she’s done on this season of her hit reality show because RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned that the legally challenged housewife it up to her old tricks, backstabbing, gossiping and trying to cause trouble behind the scenes on the show.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star has been extra careful during filming to make sure that she isn’t portrayed in a negative manner just in case the authorities are watching, but a source close to the show told Radar that she’s still stirring the proverbial pot.

“Teresa is never going to stop scheming and trying to make herself look good at the expense of others,” the source said.

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“Even though she really didn’t get into any fights on camera this season, she was still plotting behind the scenes to cause trouble.”

She and her husband Juicy Joe Giudice are facing years behind bars when they are sentenced and the source said she’s been using that as a shield from any controversy.

“None of the other women can go up against Teresa,” the source told Radar.

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“She’s so high and mighty now, she just keeps saying that she has bigger things to worry about than fighting on a TV show, but that’s not exactly the truth.

“Teresa is still totally trying to pull the strings.  She says bad things to the women and even to peripheral friends hoping that it will get back to the person she says stuff about, but then she can’t be caught saying anything.

“Teresa is completely up to her old tricks.  She’s backstabbing people that think she’s their friend and trying to spread rumors about the new women.”

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The mother-of-four is also not above using her kids as an excuse on RHONJ this season.

“Teresa just says I’m doing everything for my kids and they don’t need any fighting.  But she’s not mentioning that she’s doing the same crap she always did, just behind the scenes.”

The source told Radar the rest of the RHONJ cast felt like their hands were tied when dealing with Teresa.

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“She sounded like a broken record saying she was not going to fight, but it felt so obvious that she was still trying to cause friction with the women and everyone saw through her.”

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