Show Me The ‘RHOBH’ Money! Faye Resnick Demands More Cash To Return To ‘Nasty And Bitchy‘ Show

There’s a price to pay to join the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and for the chance to get in booze-fueled fights, get called names and have everything you’ve ever done attacked, it’s a high one.

With a major cast shake up coming for the ladies of 90210, the producers have been trying to convince Kyle Richards’ friend Faye Resnick to return to the fray but has exclusively learned that she is holding off for more money, and a LOT of it.

“Fay does not want to go back to the show,” a source close to the woman who was a central figure in the O.J. Simpson trial told Radar.

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“She says it is so nasty and bitchy and she just doesn’t need it.

As Radar was the first to report,  Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpumps nemesis may be thrown back into the lion’s den with the reality show stars, but it will cost the producers significant money.

“Faye knows the housewives make about $250,000 each,” the source told Radar.

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“She thinks it was miserable being on the show BUT for the right price they could definitely make it worth her while.”

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