Second Thoughts? Kenya Moore — Who Has Said She Craves A Baby — Admits Having A Puppy Was ‘A Huge Wakeup Call’

Although Kenya Moore previously revealed she wants to have a baby through in vitro fertilization in 2014, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star may be having second thoughts following the death of her beloved puppy.

Opening up about her hectic lifestyle, 42-year-old Moore revealed that taking care of her terrier Velvet opened her eyes to the huge responsibility it takes to care for another life.

“Speaking as someone who travels weekly, works constantly, and come and goes as I please, a puppy was a huge wakeup call. When I adopted Velvet, whom I affectionately call my puppy baby, it was the first time I ever had to take care of any living being in my life,” Moore wrote on her Bravo blog.

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She added: “Clearly, a dog is not a child and can never be mistaken as one. Having a child is drastically different and life changing.”

The former Miss USA, who previously addressed her dysfunctional relationship with her own mother, reflected on her childhood and why she decided to educate herself about motherhood with a programmed baby doll.

“It’s amazing that we have the resources that we do today. Had there been the resources available to us today when I was born to 16 year-old parents in the ’70s things may be drastically different now,” she said.

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Moore went on to explain that the process could help many women better decide if they’re truly ready for motherhood.

“I wanted to be responsible and knowledgeable about the process and the programmed baby doll would be a formidable challenge. I took the process seriously as all mothers to be should.

“Perhaps if we had more sobering steps such as the programmable baby doll tool, there would be less unwanted pregnancies and abused children in the world,” Moore concluded.

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