Candice Kumai Brings You ‘Clean Green Drinks,’ The Preeminent Look At Today’s Hottest Health Trend!

Candice Kumai, a multitalented fitness authority, has you covered on one of today’s hottest health happenings with her revolutionary new book, Clean Green Drinks.

Touted as “the ultimate guide to a leaner, healthier, gorgeous you,” the stunning New York Times bestselling author has plenty of knowledge and info that will help readers keep their waistlines trim, nerves at ease, skin beaming, libido pumping and energy levels up with the aid of the green concoctions.

“Candice’s recipes are delicious and will keep your skin glowing from the inside out,” supermodel Adriana Lima raved of the book. “Trust me, your body will be thanking you once you introduce Clean Green Drinks into your diet!”

Order Kumai’s amazing new tome here.

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