She’s Ready For Summer Alright! Carmen Electra Sexy & Fit On Cover Of New Muscle & Fitness Hers

We’ve got a first look at Carmen Electra‘s cover of the current issue of Muscle & Fitness Hers, where the pop culture stalwart shows off her smoking’ form thanks to her fitness-geared lifestyle.

In her spread, the one-time Baywatch stunner shares with readers a series of exercises that have kept her figure in fab form over the years.

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Some of the moves Carmen’s used to keep in shape, profiled in the issue, include The Body Bar Vogue Lunge for your shoulders and thighs; the One-Arm Worm for your shoulders and hips; the Foot Grab & Reach for your core, glutes and thighs; the Kettelbell Goblet Squat for your hips and thighs; and the Ab-Splitter for your abs and thighs.

Check out Electra in Muscle & Fitness Hers, on newsstands everywhere.

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