More Scientology Secrets! Has ‘Mad Men’ Star Elisabeth Moss Taken Church Courses Involving Treatment For Drugs?

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Drugs and alcohol saturate the on-screen world of Mad Men, but have drugs played a part in series star Elisabeth Moss‘ personal life as well?

The actress and devoted Scientologist appears to have spent time taking courses meant to alleviate the effects of drug use, according to published church reports.

Moss has long been open about her connection to Scientology. Those online reports of completed Scientology courses for an individual identified as “Elisabeth Moss” show she began taking classes in the church in 1994.

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Later, published lists in the Scientology magazine Celebrity showed an “Elisabeth Moss” as allegedly completing the “Scientology Drug Rundown Auditor Course” and “Scientology Drug Rundown” in 2008, according to online reports.

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Scientology literature states that the Drug Rundown “addresses the devastating mental and spiritual damage that can follow in the wake of drug use.”

“‘Modern’ drug clinics have unsuccessfully tried to reduce a person’s cravings for drugs and alcohol,” a website for Scientology Missions International explains. “L. Ron Hubbard, however, researched deeper and developed his full line of Drug Handling technology to virtually eliminate the reasons one takes drugs in the first place and put him on the road to gaining his own full potential.”

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The course aims to help Scientologists “release the mental mass associated with drugs,” the site says.Those who complete the course, the site claims, have gained the ability to be “released from the harmful effects of drugs, medicine, or alcohol.”

A rep for Moss had no comment when approached by Radar.

But she has been very open about her love for Scientology in the past. In 2013, she told movie critic Peter Travers that in Scientology “there is so much focus on… empowerment and sort of respecting yourself, and yourself as an individual.”

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