Lisa Vanderpump Slams ‘Friends' After 'RHOBH' Reunion: 'Get The Hell Off My Back!'

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Once again, Lisa Vanderpump came under fire from her co-stars during The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, but she insisted that as the season raged on, it became increasingly clear that most of the women’s motives were to bring her down.

Opening up in her new Bravo blog, Vanderpump slammed her co-stars, whom she thought were her friends, for not defending her.

“It appears to me everybody is searching for something. This could be the biggest game of Trivial Pursuit in history, to witness the endless trivial matters that they continue to pursue is exhausting,” she wrote.

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“Surely, true friends defend each other.”

Vanderpump pondered why her friendship was constantly questioned – while her co-stars freely mocked her and spread lies about her regarding deportation and bankruptcy.

Speaking about Kim Richards and Kyle Richards mocking her faint on Dancing with the Stars, Vanderpump charged: “I ponder the fact that apparently it is OK to sit in an interview and mock me fainting. Can we imagine if, God forbid, I reenacted scenarios of Kim drunk?”

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“Am I held to a higher standard? Why does nobody apologize to me for hurting my feelings when they mocked my fainting? Or to say that I have more attitude than Beyonce? That was the most ironic statement coming from Yolanda.

“My God, many things have been said that I am sure warrant an apology, but I won’t wait with bated breath — as I am sure it would be a long time coming,” she said.

The British restaurateur had the same sentiments for her former BFF Brandi Glanville.

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“Brandi, at first I admit, I had sympathy for her situation. She didn’t have a job and was a pariah within this group. But now, as we embraced her, financially she has gone from strength to strength and the victim card has been played out,” she said.

“Please snatch the bottle from my hand if I am inebriated and potentially making a fool of myself in front of the world.”

Vanderpump, who is clearly over her “mean girl” co-stars, had one final thought before signing off.

“Oh and one more request, please, dearest “friends” on the reunion couch. Do me the honor and — get the hell off my back!” Vanderpup quipped.

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