How Jennifer Lopez Helped Leah Remini Escape The Dangerous Grips Of Scientology: 'It Was A Tough Moment For Her'

Leah Remini went through a difficult time when she made her dramatic exit last year from the Church of Scientology, but her best friend Jennifer Lopez was by her side and helped her through the “tough moment.”

The American Idol judge, 44, appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and revealed that she supported Remini, 43, her long-time friend, through the very public split.

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“She said she credited you for helping her through this whole exiting Scientology thing,” DeGeneres, 56, explained about Remini’s feelings about her superstar bestie.

“We are best friends,” JLo said.

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“Yeah, it was a tough moment for her. You know what I mean? It’s all she knew her whole life.”

She continued: “When you’re raised a certain way and around people for a long time — whatever that is — it’s going to be hard.”

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