Boozy Brandi: Glanville Was A 'Mess' After Night Of Drinking At SXSW After Party

Serial offender? Brandi Glanville has been spotted falling down leaving restaurants in Los Angeles and now has learned, her boozy antics have spread to Texas!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, 41, partied HARD at the SXSW festival in Austin, so much so, she had to be escorted home in a taxi one late night!

A source said: “After Andy Cohen did his show, a bunch of people went back to a private house for a party and Brandi was there and she was knocking back the booze.

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“She had so much to drink and she was a mess!

“Someone called a cab for her and one of the gay guys at the party rode with her back to where she was staying because they were very worried about her being alone and being in the condition she was.”

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Perhaps it’s not a surprise: The outspoken Bravolebrity has even named two of her books after her favorite past-time!

Glanville’s now-sober co-star Kim Richards once said Glanville “needs help.” Does she? Sound off in comments below!

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