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'Litigation For Scientology Is A Blood Sport': Monique Rathbun Files Motion To Hold Church In Contempt Over Their 'Abuse' During Case 

Monique Rathbun sued the Church of Scientology for harassment last August, but she says they’re still making her life a living hell. The wife of former high-ranking Scientologist Marty Rathbun filed a motion Friday asking the judge in her ongoing case to hold the Church and its leader, David Miscavige, in contempt for what she calls a campaign of “abuse” mean to delay justice. In addition, she’s also requesting sanctions.

According to the motion, obtained by Radar, Scientology and Miscavige “have engaged in a pattern of intentional abuse of the discovery process” and Rathbun claims in her motion that the Church of Scientology, together with Miscavige and Scientology legal counsel Allan Cartwright “have disobeyed and/or caused CSI to disobey a direct order from this Court.”

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Rathbun claims in the documents — first published on TonyOrtega.org — that during the deposition process she “has been met with obstruction, evasion, spoliation of evidence, and outright perjury” from the Scientology side.

In fact, the motion cites several instances of alleged perjury during depositions by Scientologists, mainly related to Miscavige’s involvement in church business, which they claim is minimal. This contradicts the testimony of several former Scientologists who have said he rules with an iron fist.

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In another instance, the documents claim, someone on the Scientology side tampered with evidence. The documents state, “Clearly the defendants intentionally deleted at least nine minutes of video and the entire audio track” from a tape showing Rathbun allegedly being harassed by church operatives.

Such behavior, she claims, is the Church of Scientology’s modus operandi. “For the Church of Scientology,” the documents state, “litigation is a blood sport” wrought with “abusive behavior.” The documents claim that Scientologists following the writings of L. Ron Hubbard” exhibit a disregard for the judicial process and the civil rights of opponents.”

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“The Defendants’ pattern of discovery abuse is intentional,” she insists, “and merits sanctions to secure their compliance with the rules …”

Stay tuned to Radar for the latest from the case.