Harry Got Back! Styles Tweet Inspires Sir-Mix-A-Lot To Jump Into Fray

A tweet of One Direction singer Harry Styles relieving himself on a hedge — and exposing his bare bottom in the process — has gone viral more than two months after it was initially posted, and the feedback came from a rather unlikely source.

The Taylor Swift ex, in a tweet from the account @JagChaggarTutis, shows the boy bander urinating with his pants at his ankle and a smile on his face.

When the tweeter, a purported security guard for the band, reminded Harry of his yellow streak, Styles referenced the rapper’s signature hit, 1991’s “Baby Got Back.”

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Harry tweeted, “Mix-A-Lot’s in trouble,” at which point the man himself jumped in the fray, writing, “is that really you? Nah … oh wait…. That’s my house!! Those are my bushes!!”

The rapper later clarified, “I was not the source of the Harry Butt shots I swear. LOL.”

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