My Strange Addiction: ‘Pony Play’ Dress Up Fetish Is ‘Ridiculous’

Halloween is usually just one day a year, but for grown up Nicole, her addiction to dressing up and participating in “Pony Play” is consuming her life.

In an exclusive sneak peek of My Strange Addiction obtained by, 31-year-old Nicole explains her fixation with pretending to be a horse.

“It’s kind of taboo as an adult,” she admits in the clip of the oddity show, and reveals her dress-up fascination to her aunt, who is shocked by the costume.

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“I thought it looked pretty ridiculous,” she says about her niece’s fetish, but Nicole explains her obsession very easily.

“I’m into role play, this is the next step in the evolution for me.”

The fifth season of My Strange Addiction premieres on TLC Wednesday, January 1 at 9/8c.

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