It Happens Again! Detroit Reporter Curses On Live Broadcast

WDIV’s Lauren Podell is the latest broadcaster to drop an F-bomb on the air, as the Detroit reporter inadvertently cursed over a technical issue, not knowing she was on live TV at the time.

While covering a story about a fire Wednesday, Podell was heard saying, “I don’t have IFB, I don’t know when we’re going, neither does Jim, I can’t get this f***ing in there!” (IFB is a technical term illustrating the communication between the newsroom and the field reporter’s earpiece.)

VIDEO: Australian Broadcaster Is A Deer In The Headlights Without Autocue

Anchor Evrod Cassimy seamlessly smoothed it over, making mea culpas for the inadvertent R-rated language.

Watch the video on (Language Is Graphic)

A similar incident gave green newsie A.J. Clemente his 15 minutes of fame this past spring, when he cursed on his first broadcast.

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