Casey Anthony Settles Fraud Lawsuit With Organization That Spent $100K Searching For Caylee

Casey Anthony settled her lawsuit with the search and rescue organization Texas EquuSearch on Tuesday morning, is reporting.

Bankruptcy Judge K. Rodney May approved the settlement between Anthony and the organization that searched Florida for her daughter Caylee in 2008 on Tuesday morning.

Although the terms of the settlement have not been released to the public, EquuSearch agreed to drop their complaint — which objected to Anthony’s January 2013 bankruptcy filing.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Anthony agreed to let EquuSearch claim $75,000 as a creditor but given her current financial status, it’s unlikely they will ever see their money.

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Once Anthony’s bankruptcy concludes, her debt will be wiped away.

Anthony’s Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filing listed $1,084 in personal property and $792,119.23 in liabilities.

And she provided a fascinating list of nearly 100 people and companies who have claims or possible claims against her. They include her former attorney Jose Baez for $500,000, the IRS in the amount of $68,540 and the Orange County, Fla. Sheriff’s Office for $145,660.21. Her own parents are listed without a specific amount.

EquuSearch claims it spent more than $100,000 searching for 2-year-old Caylee, even though Anthony already knew was dead.

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“While many have debated whether Casey Anthony will ever financially profit from Caylee’s death, one thing is certain; the time and money that [EquuSearch] must spend to pursue these claims are being taken from other families that really need their help,” the EquuSearch lawyers said.

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