The Little Couple Setback: Adoption Agency Calls With A Delay About Daughter With Dwarfism

The Little Couple are anxiously awaiting the adoption of their baby daughter with dwarfism that they’re adopting from India but a shocking phone call may delay their dreams of expanding their family.

In this sneak peek of the season finale Bill Klein receives a call with potentially bad news that he shares with his wife, Dr. Jen Arnold.

They are planning to travel to India to adopt a sister for their son Will, whom they adopted from China and who has dwarfism.

Jen and Bill have already named their daughter Zoey, but they might not be able to bring her home after all

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“I got a phone call from the adoption agency,” Bill tells an anguished looking Jen. “It’s a bit of a delay.”

Zoey is a small little girl, only 23 inches and weighing only 15 pounds and Jen is concerned for her health.

“She may be undernourished,” the mom says about her soon-to-be-daughter.

The Little Couple one-hour season finale airs on TLC Tuesday, October 15 at 10/9c.

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