Ouch! Ke$ha Opens Up On Scary Crotch-Burning Incident

Ke$ha says she’s electrocuted her crotch — in the name of art, of course!

The “Tik Tok” singer opened up to Conan about a wardrobe malfunction she had during a concert, as result of an onstage accessory she wears — a “chastity belt looking thing” that emits flames.

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The leggy singer said she likes the incorporation of “power tools and sparks and magic” despite the “super-dangerous” nature of the stunts.

“But it looks so cool and my fans are way into it, so im like ‘Woo!'” she said. “I was doing that and all of a sudden, and I got electrocuted while I was grinding on my vagina and it was super scary and intense.”

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“But you’re OK now?” Conan asked her, to which she said, “Yeah, I’m good.”

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